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PÍCARO Mezcal Artesanal main purpose is to bring to our senses a unique experience exalting the perfect smokiness and plant aromas balance.

Strictly selecting Oaxaca State matured Espadín Agave and following an ancestral transformation, we achieve our goal through an strived distillation process.


Best quality can only be achieved by carefully selecting premium raw material.

When producing PÍCARO Mezcal Artesanal we select specifically fully mature 6 to 9 years Agave Espadín plants, all from Oaxaca State, ripeness that translates into the concentration of sugars required to exalt and maintain through the following artisanal processes the fantastic flavors and aromas those plants have taken so long to grow, offering us the best of themselves.


Once the quality and maturation of the agaves are met, the leaves are cut off (jima) leaving what is known as the “piña” because its similarity to a pineapple.

The “piñas” are then splitted in two and placed by hand in an underground conical stone oven, using firewood and stones. The cooking takes 4 days allowing a better preservation of the aromas and flavours of the agave.


After cooking, the ovens are unloaded and the cooked “piñas” are taken to the grinding area, where they are ground inside a circular stone structure called “Tahona”. This is an ancient and traditional method.


During the fermentation process, sugars become alcohol.

This is carried out in pine and sabino wood tubs where we put the ground agave, the water is added and mixed by hand. The fermentation process takes about 5 to 6 days to complete. It is a 100% natural fermentation, so it depends on ambient temperature.


To control and obtain a spirit of the highest quality, it is required to distil in coper stills, a method by which we distil the fermented liquid twice and strive for quality control.

This process involves more waste than other forms, but our commitment is to produce with quality, and it is well worth it.